Wednesday, September 13, 2017

365 Days Alone: A Dystopian Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy (The 365 Days Quadrilogy Book 1)


They were just two teenage girls--utterly normal in every way--until they woke up one morning to discover that they were all alone in a world gone mad. Somehow, while they slept, the world had changed; their parents, their friends, all had been taken...all disappeared. Now Kaylee Michelson and her best friend, Jay, must figure out not only how to live in this strange, new world--but how to survive.

These are the facts as the girls know them:
1.Everyone is gone.
2.There is no internet, no t.v., no electricity, no phones; not even batteries work anymore.
3.It is very, very quiet.

Kaylee and Jay--two terrified teenage girls who think they are all alone.
Only--they are wrong! 

Dystopias are a difficult genre to write. Once you've read one, you feel like you've seen it all. But definitely not in this case. 365 Alone is simply brilliant. Nancy Isaak has created a plot that sounds familiar but it isn't. The twists are beautifully designed, despite knowing sometimes that something is gonna go wrong, most times my assumption failed, and I was pleasantly surprised. 

Kaylee and Jay are a joy to read. Not your usually whinny and unresourceful teenagers. They're brave enough to stay true to themselves despite the difficult trials they have to go through. kaylee is the main point of view, but we also get a peek at the way Jay sees things, and she's just as interesting. They come across several allies in this new world, and they come from the most unexpected places, making our girls mature and question their previous conceptions.

The antagonists are very well created. Most times you're not sure who's friend or foe, but when you do, you wonder: how can someone be so damn evil?! Pernicious, selfish, revengeful, twisted creatures. A total contrast to the good girls.

Overall, I absolutely loved it! Its definitely one of those books that make you go to bed and just think about what you read, the kind of book you'll be thinking of for days. Despite being 505 pages long it didn't feel like it, it took me only two days to read it. 

You can follow the author here.
You can buy 365 days Alone here.
And for a limited time you can get the male POV 365 Hunted HERE!

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