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Ascension by Matthew Johnson

Sometimes love is not enough.

Exiled and orphaned by war, Jarrod begins cultivating a new life protecting those he once saved. When a strange woman and child enter Jarrod’s life, everything begins to unravel. A stronger, more powerful force sets the mechanisms of war into motion. Shadow casts over the land of man and the gods prepare to battle for the fate of the Created. Once more Jarrod discovers himself a tool for the divine and must transcend his limitations.


Rise with the Gods or fall with the dead.

The story has several points of view that allow you to know all sides of the war. A war that goes beyond the greed of an evil dictator, a war that will define the destiny of the entire universe. Jarrod is my favorite character, he’s our hero, though he often fails to see himself as one. Always protecting anyone who needs help even if jeopardizes his life, often times the voice of reason, Jarrod is an endearing and easy to root for character. The children he protects have lost a great part of their innocence and gained wisdom beyond their short age. 

We are also introduced to the gods. Powerful and greedy creatures that have shaped the universe and created mortals, some really wicked, some good, some fall into a Grey area. One of the antagonist is a god, and what a danger it poses for the destiny of all creation.

One of the things I liked more about Ascension is that you get to fully understand the reasons behind everyone’s actions, so much that sometimes you find yourself sympathizing with the villains. But certainly not all the villains are likable, there a couple you’d love to strangle.

Matthew Johnson has created a world that traps you. From the eerie deserts to the palace of the gods, all scenarios have their own beauty the perfect complement to a great story. And the end, is perfect, several questions solved but new mysteries to uncover, it makes you eager to know what’s next.
Action, mythology, love, hate, war. What more can you ask for?

To buy Ascension click here: Ascension Kindle Edition 
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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

A girl named Blu By Charity Hodge

Check out Charity Hodge's debut, it looks great.
I hate my new school, and I desperately want to go back to my old school to finish up my senior year with the familiar faces and friends that I know.

My dad just got a new job in a new city with a promotion and a big fat raise. Now I have to live in a new city with no friends. Being the only black girl in a sea of pale faces makes me feel alone. My parents say to keep my head up and to do my best because the new school year will fly by before too long.

Yeah, right! My parents don't understand how alone I feel. 

That is, until him. Jasper Hartley, the new guy who befriends me and makes me want so much more. 
Sure, he’s gorgeous, but he doesn't act like a rich snob like some of the other kids at school. Jasper is kind, generous and built like a Greek god. He becomes my first and only everything.

I'm so happy that is until Brooke. She's a rich mean, snobby girl and her friends are just as rotten as she is. Brooke is determined to dig her talons into Jasper and snag him for herself. 

Rumors and lies swirl around me catching me up in an emotional rollercoaster. Heartbreak is imminent.

I'm not happy anymore. My heart breaks.

Along come, Kade Watson. Jasper's rival. Kade is pushy, funny, and sweet. He's determined to make me smile again and take me for himself.


I still care for Jasper. The truth is, I love him.

So, what's a girl to do? I'm just a simple girl with small town values with a big heart. That's me.

Just Blu.

A girl named Blu is only 0.99! You can buy it here:

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Her Blackened Soul by Isra Sravenheart

Her Blackened Soul (The Blackened, #1)Her Blackened Soul by Isra Sravenheart
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Magic, blood, power, and love. Though not the mellow love story you usually encounter. The beginning was a bit slow,but once the story picks up its pace you really enjoy the read. Our female protagonist, Isra, is a powerful witch consumed by darkness, and unapologetic about it which makes her refreshing. In fact the entire story is refreshing, told from an entirely different point of view that would make you question your moral compass.
The descriptions are beautifully made allowing you to enter the scene and savour it, the characters have depth, and the end is not an end but a new beginning.

This is the author's page

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Friday, July 28, 2017

Retribution by Matthew Johnson

RetributionRetribution by Matthew Johnson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I absolutely loved it! A gripping story from beginning to end, loaded with action and an impeccable plot. You enter a post-war world where retaliations on past actions continue to tear families apart, rich descriptions make you fully dive into the story. Jarrod is a relatable and layered character, not the strongest but certainly the most willing to do what he thinks is right. The end leaves you eager to get a hold on the next book as the story reaches a new high point.

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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Witch Awakening by Kira Morris

Witch Awakening (The Sister Witches Series Book 1)Witch Awakening by Kira Morris
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Once again my love for magic has been renewed. Kira Morris delivers a great story started by three young witches that struggle to find their place in the War World 2 era. Bridget, Rebecca, and Elizabeth are three lovely sister witches, each gifted with a unique power, and all bound by love.
Elizabeth, one of our leading characters has it even harder than her sisters, she has been asleep for more than 200 years waiting for a spell to free her. She has to deal not only with the cruel reality of the plot to force her and her sisters into using their powers for someone else's’ profit, but also with being out of her time and encountering someone she would prefer not to see ever again. Edward is physically identical to the man that betrayed Elizabeth and her sisters centuries ago, though the similarities end there. Despite growing in a dysfunctional home, Edward is a loyal man that fiercely protects the ones he loves.
Conspiracies, secrets, power, love, lust, this story has it all.

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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Mother of Shadows by Meg Anne

Mother of Shadows (The Chosen Book 1)Mother of Shadows by Meg Anne
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Beautiful. The world Meg Anne created is a mesmerizing one, full of color and magic. And speaking of magic I have to say I love the way is portrayed, how it changes the one who wields it. The characters are memorable, Helena is one of the most complete leads I've read recently: sensitive but strong, humble but empowered, fierce but caring. Von, Helena's mate is to die for, menacing, at first sight, but once the story unravels you can see his many qualities. He is the perfect complement to Helena and vice-versa, their relationship is a symbiotic one by all means. Helena's circle of protectors are an interesting lot, all carrying an important part of the whole, each unique and endearing.
The plot is very well designed, mysteries abound but also does action, there is no time to feel bored. One of my favorite things is the character development, especially Helena's, how she protects the ones she cares, even if they are the protectors, how she quickly matures and embraces her daunting fate, how unselfish she proves to be.
Overall a great book I devoured in a matter of hours.

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Monday, July 17, 2017

Eve (Eve #1)

Eve (Eve, #1)Eve by Anna Carey
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I absolutely loved this book. It's one of the best dystopias I've read so far, fast paced, intense, with the correct amount of humor and bad choices. Eve is very likable, she goes from being in a relatively comfortable world to fighting to survive in the wilderness, armed only with her intelligence. In her journey, she finds a few allies, Arden being the most interesting one in my opinion. A rebellious and very feisty girl who learned the awful truth before Eve did. And Caleb of course, who looks wild and dangerous but it's probably the warmest person Eve encounters.
The character development is one of my favorite things, we get to see how Eve changes gradually from a gullible girl to a hero. She fights to protect those she cares about, even if that means risking herself.
The end is bittersweet, a great cliffhanger that prompts you to know what comes next.

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Ascension by Matthew Johnson

Synopsis:  Sometimes love is not enough. Exiled and orphaned by war, Jarrod begins cultivating a new life protecting those he once s...