Friday, February 23, 2018

Heshayol The Blood of Dragons Book 2


Over a millennium ago, at their father's command, Tyran and Drast sent the Horned God to the Netherworld in hopes of gaining everlasting life. Instead, they sparked a chain of events that led to the near destruction of the Ash Tree and the liberation of the old gods. Now, with the world waning, the two brothers are freed from Anaerfell to travel to the frozen realm of the dead and resurrect their enemy with hopes of restoring balance. Tyran and Drast journey between time and space with limitless magic at their fingertips to face demon legions, forsaken immortals, and the realization that the malevolence of their father is not yet done.

Pre order only $2.99 and for a limited time you can get the first book Anaerfell for only $.99.

About the author:

Joshua Robertson is an award-winning author in epic, dark fantasy. You may recognize him as the dude whose dragons were said to destroy George R.R. Martin's and Christopher Paolini's dragons in a very biased Twitter poll. His first novel, Melkorka, was released in 2015, and he has been writing fantasy fiction like clockwork ever since. Known most for his Thrice Nine Legends Saga, Robertson enjoys an ever-expanding and extremely loyal following of readers. He currently lives in North Carolina with his better half and his horde of goblins. Learn more at or connect with him on Instagram @RobertsonWrites.

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Thursday, February 22, 2018

The Change (Unbounded, #1) by Teyla Branton

The Change by Teyla Branton



There are only two ways to kill Unbounded, and fire isn’t one of them—as law school dropout Erin Radkey learns the hard way. By fluke of a recessive gene, she has become Unbounded, a nearly immortal being with paranormal abilities. 

Erin’s Change separates her from her loved ones and alters everything she believes to be true. A week earlier she was considering a marriage proposal; now she contemplates the best way to stay alive. Caught in a battle between two Unbounded groups, she is also hunted by a secret mortal society sworn to eradicate the Unbounded gene. Worse, a new identification software could mean death for all Unbounded—or enslavement for the entire mortal world. 

As Erin plunges into this dangerous new life, she must carve out her own place in the madness, protect her mortal family, and decide which group she should join. Her powerful attraction to Ritter Langton, whose family was massacred by opposing Unbounded two hundred and forty years ago, complicates her choices. There are no second chances. Death, life, or love—Unbounded always play for keeps. 

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

So, I kinda want to be Unbounded. I say kinda because I'm not much of a fighter and you need to be one if you are Unbounded.
Erin is badass, she's thrown into this amazing, yet dangerous new world and she faces the threats head on. She slowly discovers her new abilities and makes the best of it.
I liked how the advantages and disadvantages of near immortality were addressed. And also how envy and fear to the unknown can make people commit the most heinous acts.
There's non-stop action and lots of sexual tension throughout the book, balanced with details of what implies being Unbounded.
Fast-paced, an interesting mythology and a lot of twists and turns.

Spin by Genevieve Raas

Spin: A Fairy Tale Retelling by Genevieve Raas



Laila sees her impending death in the mountains of straw waiting to be spun into gold. Faced with the impossible, she makes the impossible decision to survive, no matter what the cost. 

A shadowy stranger sees an opportunity for vengeance. 

Born to a nightmarish destiny that crushed and embittered his faith in humanity, he devotes himself to dealing in dark desires and desperate souls, and Laila's is ripe for the trade. 

When the stranger asks his price, Laila is bound by blood and magic to pay. 

His own heart was never supposed to be part of the deal, but when honor drives Laila to break their bargain, he ends up tangled in his own web of deceit and destruction in a desperate attempt to save her life. In the black of night, there are no fairytales, only choices. 

One choice makes a queen. One choice consumes a soul. It's a roll of the dice in a game where love is everyone's undoing. 

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A great fairytale retelling.
Laila is taken to the King, he demands her to turn straw into gold. Something her father made up while drunk in a tavern. Her life now depends on completing the impossible task. A stranger offers his help for a price and she accepts to save her life. Only after the deal is done she realizes she's offered to much.
We get visions from the past of the stranger, how he acquired his magic, what moves him. His backstory is quite interesting. Laila is a good MC, she learns fast and has goodness in her wounded heart.
A must read for those who like a twist, or shall I say a spin on fairy tales.

You can get Spin here:

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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Happy Book Valentine!

It's almost Valentine's Day, and to celebrate it, I have a discount on Starlight (Immortal Heritage 1). A paranormal romance of 230 pages. For a limited time, you can get it at only $0.99!

Starlight-Immortal Heritage-Selene Kallan

For Nick, moving to a new city is one more burden to endure on his already complicated life. His parents believe that the change will help him overcome the death of the one that he loved, but a new school can’t stop his nightmares, or change the fate that was imposed on him before his birth. His transformation lurks around the corner. 

Dahlia lives a lonely, secluded life by choice. Fearful of letting someone become close enough to hurt them with her powers, which she hates and tries to keep under control. Her self-control falters when the hunger she can not avoid appears to take away her sanity. Both will be involved in a dangerous relationship that neither one will want to avoid. 

Two lives half torn apart, two different people, and a secret that no one can hide for a long time... Even if the price to pay is their lives.

Get Starlight here: 

Starlight-Immortal Heritage 1-Selene Kallan

Starlight-Immortal Heritage 1-Selene Kallan

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Friday, February 9, 2018

Broken (Immortal Heritage 0.5)

Immortal Heritage 0.5

A terrible loss. A past they wish to forget. 
Two broken souls. Two destinies that will become one.

Nick lives a normal life, at least as normal as a supernatural being can have. Until tragedy strikes one more time. The future he had planned for himself shattering before his eyes. 
Dahlia struggles to differentiate nightmares from reality. Not that being awake makes her life any better. The loss of her mother has left her alone to face her new powers and uncontrollable hunger. 
How do their destinies become one? For they will meet under the Starlight.

The prequel of Starlight (Immortal Heritage 1)

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Thursday, February 8, 2018

Blood Moon by Kayla Krantz

#free on the Kindle Store for a limited time!



What could be a worse feeling than that?

After 18-year-old Sam gets an invitation for a free vacation in the mail, she hops on the opportunity despite her mother's pleas not to go. With the realization that her best friends have all been invited as well, she's sure she made the right choice. Once they board the fancy cruise ship however, things aren’t as luxurious as they had seemed.

Passengers start to disappear and once the ship lands on a deserted island, Sam and her friends are left on their own to figure out why. Faced with a deadly predicament, they have to learn to survive amid a mass of nightmare creatures all out for the taste of her blood. With the help of a handsome yet suspicious island native, Sam must figure out how to get back to the mainland before she's trapped on the island forever.

Get Blood Moon:

Get Blood Moon:

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