Saturday, September 25, 2021

HUNTRESS PREY by Selene Kallan

Cover and blurb reveal of HUNTRESS PREY: Bonded by Blood and Magic 1

Vampires have beating hearts.
Valentine wishes she could get rid of hers. It would make her lonely life bearable and stem her desire to connect with someone who knows who she truly is. Fate grants her wish by making her collide with Axel—a fae with burning power and hypnotic eyes who knows how to destroy her. Her first impulse is to bite him and learn all the secrets he hides in his sweet blood. But isn’t a little danger exactly what she was craving for?

Not all fae are easy prey.
Vampires are the greatest enemies of the fae. Axel's instincts demand him to slay Valentine before she sinks her fangs into his neck. However… She's the echo of the woman who saved his family centuries ago. Axel decides to discover if there's any empathy left in Valentine after becoming the ultimate predator. And soon, he becomes intrigued by the cat-loving, powerful vampiress.

Their worlds collide.
Enemies lurk in the shadows. Same old news for Axel, and precisely what Valentine has run from her entire life—her vicious brethren. Axel and Valentine’s tenuous alliance forges into friendship after a fateful night where they save each other’s lives. But will their blossoming forbidden attraction survive the battle against their foes and inner demons?

The first installment of the Bonded by Blood and Magic series.

★★★★★“A sexy fantasy thriller with a Fae-Vampire romance that will have readers swooning.”—Laurie Forest, Bestselling Author of The Black Witch Chronicles.

Fans of Underworld, Jeaniene Frost, and Annette Marie will love the mix of urban fantasy and paranormal romance in HUNTRESS PREY.

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