Saturday, March 30, 2019

Review of Metamorphosis by Ivy Logan


Amelia, Peradora's teenage heiress is a fashionista and boasts of 6 million followers on Twitter. In reality she is a bit of an introvert, a prisoner in a golden cage and her 'it girl' image is nothing but a carefully crafted, elaborate P.R. plan, masterminded by her guardian, Liam, the dictator of Peradora.

As secrets from her past dodge her at every turn, can Amelia choose between Adrian, the adventure junkie, her first love and Noah, the handsome bodyguard, and her best friend? Do they have secrets of their own, they're keeping from her?

Now Peradora, her beloved nation is in trouble, and a sorceress ancestor, grants Amelia the ability to shape shift. Will it prove to be a curse or a boon? Will the power be too much for Amelia to handle? And can it truly change who she is inside, a frightened girl, quite out of her depth?

As a stunning set of events unfold, will the truth set Amelia free or will she learn that some secrets are best buried in the past?

Rating: 4 Stars
Amelia lives a double life, I might say a triple life.
Left orphan she is forced to live with her uncle, who is by all definitions a monster.
To the world, she is a spoiled diamond heiress, but the reality is far from that. She is a prisoner in a Palace and has had to endure a lot in her short life. 
She will lose friends, fall in love and be forced to make a decision: her heart, or her people?
Will she be able to use her newfound powers to stop the madness her uncle has enforced? 
Love, loss, and some great plot twists make this fast-paced book a must read for those who enjoy the mix of sweet paranormal romance and urban fantasy.

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