Thursday, June 28, 2018

Endeavours of the Unsung (Aeldynn Lore) by Melissa A. Joy

From Armaran in the west to Icetaihn in the north and Zaern’Kairnell in the east, 
there are 10 unsung tales to be told. 

A crystalline fortress in the farthest reaches of a treacherous glacier. A demonic fissure in the depths of a formidable gorge. 
Long kept secrets in a forest cloaked in fog. One pint-sized bookworm with a penchant for adventure. Covert operations at a vampire soirée. 

Many are the tales of Aeldynn. 
Here are the Endeavours of the Unsung 

Rating: 5 stars
If you're not familiar with Melissa Joy's work, this the perfect introduction.
If you are currently craving for her next book, as I am, then Endeavours is for you too.
The stories are perfectly paced and show a glimpse of the lore of my favorite fantasy world, Aeldynn. 
A love story with a heartbreaking background. 
The tale of an unorthodox bookworm.
An ancient forest with a magical secret.
And much more.
I can't choose a favorite, each story is unique on its own. Love, loss, mystery, action; I devoured it in no time.
Some stories tie to the plot of The Scions of Balance Saga, it's first book Keys of the Origin has been published and I highly recommend it.

Read the spoiler free review of Keys of the Origin:

Read an excerpt of Endeavours of the Unsung:

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  1. Thank you for your review, Selene. IMHO, it is accurate.

    If this genre was my taste in literature I would be eager to see more of Melissa Joy's work. She writes using very clear word pictures, engaging dialogue, taking the unreal and making it seem like reality to the reader; she is good at what she does. Her physical descriptions are sufficient and do not belabor the reader (For a sample of that read "David Copperfield" by Charles Dickens.). Based on the quality of writing that I have sampled, I would read her books.


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