Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Reign of Ash (The Chosen #2) by Meg Anne


“You will damn us all.”

Kiri Helena Solene thought her trial was over. She was wrong. Prophesied to be the strongest of her kind, Helena is still coming to terms with the depth of her power and what it means to rule. 

Unfortunately, there’s little time to learn. 

“Without the tether you will fracture.”

As her soul mate, Von is Helena’s balance. Too bad he’s missing. When he disappears, her tenuous hold on her magic begins to slip. Helena must find Von, and soon, or risk losing control completely. 

If only she knew where to look. 

“You have a choice before you.”

A malevolent force has risen; threatening the lives of Helena and those in her Circle. What they don’t realize is that without Von she will become the thing they most fear. How do you choose between the people you’ve vowed to protect and the one person you can’t live without?

How do you choose when there’s no choice at all?


This is a sequel I was looking forward to, and I was definitely not disappointed. Reign of Ash is as good, if not beer than Mother of Shadows.
The character development was on point, Helena is no longer a scared girl, she is a powerful queen. And Von has to learn to trust in the vast power of his more than capable Mate.
I liked the new characters, especially Nial, Von's brother. Bright and charismatic despite his difficult situation. 
The plot was fast-paced and gripping, with good amounts of all that composes a good book: epic battles, new discoveries, humor, and romance.
I enjoyed the lore Meg Anne has created. Reign of Ash delves deeper into the prophecy of The Chosen, answering questions, and leaving more to be answered; along with a warning Helena cannot ignore. 
Overall, a perfect sequel that you can't put down and leaves you waiting impatiently for what comes next.

You can grab your copy of Reign of Ash:

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