Thursday, November 30, 2017

Broken, Book I of The Breach Chronicles by Ivy Logan

Broken is Book One in The Breach Chronicles series by Ivy Logan. 

It is the tale of a young sorceress bereft of her powers but determined to avenge her family. She must rise from the ashes of destruction. Even though she thinks her heart is resistant, she can’t hide from love. Love find her and she finds the courage to stand tall because all that is Broken Is Not Lost. This is a tale of magic and mystery but also romance, family, and self - discovery.

Here's the synopsis:

The dark shadow cast by an ancient prophecy shatters an innocent family, but all that is broken is not lost.

Unaware of her supernatural legacy, half blood sorceress Talia has a unique childhood. Although protected by the love of her parents, Talia is instructed in the art of combat by her mother, Caitlin, a powerful sorceress of the Heichi clan.

When Talia’s family’s worst nightmare comes to pass, her protected life spins out of control. Everything she believes in and everyone she loves is cruelly snatched away and Talia is forced to flee the attentions of a mad king.

Choosing a path of retribution devoid of love and friendship, Talia comes to learn that love can be received even if it is not sought.

‘Broken’ chronicles, Talia’s rise from the ashes and how she finds herself again. She loses everything but never gives up on the Happily Ever After.

Set against a background of time travel and supernatural forces, read Talia’s epic saga of love, sacrifice, and discovering the hero within. Broken is thus the coming of age story of a girl who loses everything only to find herself and the courage to avenge her family, a tale of magic, mystery and romance.

My review:

A story about bravery, love, and how decisions can alter not just your fate, but the one of others. 
Caitlin is a Heichi sorcerer that has received a devastating prophecy, she is to do the unthinkable, betraying herself and what she believes on. 
Eventually, the weight of her curse falls upon her daughter's shoulders, Talia. A brave and loving girl, forced to become a woman sooner than she should have. But she embraces her fate head-on, with grace and courage despite the threat.
The message I received from Ivy Logan is "Love can conquer all"

A beautiful story.

And the best of all, its free on Kindle Unlimited! 
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