Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Jebediah's Crime by Vincent Phan Tran

Jebediah's Crime
The Hinge: A supernatural island-nation like a wound in our reality where Gods and Monsters walk hand-in-hand and angels fear to tread. In an age of smartphones and satellites, its origins and purpose still remain shrouded in mystery.

Aging bounty hunter Jebediah Creek must protect a war-torn family from Raja Rakash, the greatest warrior in history and champion of a powerful House.

What happens when two men of violence, one driven by fear and the other by shame, go to battle over the life of a family...

And the fate of the Hinge itself?

You know you've read a good book when you wake up the next morning thinking about it, trying to figure out the questions left unanswered, shaking your head with the characters antics. Jebediah's Crime can sure do that.
This book is an action packed rollercoaster. With turns and twists that make you anxious to know what's next. I felt as I was watching a movie, the descriptions are perfectly balanced with the action scenes, there isn't a moment to feel bored. 
The lore is seasoned with different trades of known mythologies, which makes it both easy to understand, and rich. 
The characters are multifaceted, each carrying with responsibilities and a dark past. Jebediah, the protagonist, is a tormented bounty hunter that doesn't see a hero in the mirror, but rises to protect those he cares about. He's very well accompanied by Ara, a bad-ass female bodyguard, several other bounty hunters like him, ex-marines, and a strong yet sweet old woman.
The antagonists are truly a challenge, not only are they vastly powerful but rotten to the core. Their hunger for power consumes their humanity, therefore they're unpredictable and savage. Raja, Jebediah's main problem, is quite difficult to label, he lays on a grey area, sometimes a very dark one. 
Overall, an awesome read for those who love a rich story with the perfect balance between action, drama, humor, and darkness. 

If you want to get a taste of Jebediah's crime click here.
If you want to connect to the author click here.

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