Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Surviving the day

Surviving the day
Dreading the night
Hiding my thoughts while time passes by
Fearing tomorrow
Hating the past
Disappointment again when the day dies
Wanting to change
Not finding how
Sorrow that clouds a sore heart
Making new plans
Watching them crumble
Despair that grows stronger blinding my eyes
Fighting myself
Losing the battle
Defeat that summons dark thoughts one more time
Running from pain
Getting caught up
Fear that weakens a wounded will
Feeling the breaking
Seeing a path
Week hope that falters on insomnia nights
Accepting I’m broken
Living with that
Doubt that infects a polluted will
Owning my burden
Learning to carry it
Picking the pieces that make who I am
Patching the pieces
Starting again
A spark of bravery igniting at last
Cleaning the mess
Finding a way
Relief that impulses me through one more day
Embracing the night
Finding its beauty
Courage that grows with each won fight
Accepting my flaws
Learning from them
Knowing the war can be won and conquered
Fighting a battle
Vanquishing my fears
Finally earning the peace I long needed


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