Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Prey: Part One


I got out of the car with a big smile on my face. The bright yellow sunlight made everything sparkle: the windows, the roof and even the leaves of the trees of my beautiful new house. Several children were nearby, laughing happily, I smiled once more.
The men who carried all the boxes inside looked at me sideways, I sat on the lovely porch pretending not to notice the way their eyes were on me when they thought I didn’t notice, and that was despite the big hat that covered most of my face.
“She’s beautiful,” one murmured.
“And still unmarried, it seems rude,” his companion replied, giving me a rather audacious look.
I looked at myself surreptitiously, the light blue dress was not so tight, my shoes were not very high because I was tall. I sighed, it was not the first time I had to deal with comments like those, and apparently, it would not be the last.
Once they left I changed my outfit to something more comfortable, an overall spotted with beige paint and low shoes. I had painted the house myself a couple of nights before, it still smelled like fresh paint. I organized almost the whole house by the end of the afternoon. It was a beautiful little yellow house with a white fence, the American dream, well except for the husband that I would most likely never get and the children I could not have.
I took a shower and put on a nice yellow dress with a bow on my back, I organized my long brown hair in a fluttering ponytail and went out to the porch. I sat on the swing to enjoy the sunset and its rich colors and aromas.
After a few minutes a couple came up my way, I leaned my head with a smile. The man in his forties with black hair and cold blue eyes looked at me too, his wife in her late thirties, blonde and very pretty stared at the house.
“Good evening,” said the man. “My name is William, this is my wife Madeleine, and you are?”
“Jane Glass,” I said.
“Welcome to the community,” he said, reaching for my hand.
I got up and took his hand rather reluctantly.
“Thank you,” I said.
Madeleine handed me a provocative blackberry pie, my mouth watered, I inhaled deeply.
“Oh, it smells delicious,” I complimented her. She smiled, a smile that did not reached her eyes.
“Thank you,” she said in a shy voice.
“It tastes even better, my dear wife is an excellent cook,” he said, putting his arm around her thin shoulders on a possessive gesture, she shook a little.
The man looked at me from head to toe, made a half disapproving gesture to see my casual hairstyle, lack of makeup and comfortable shoes.
“It's a big house for a single woman,” he said, his cold eyes scanning my face. Caveman, I almost said.
“I have many books,” I replied with a smile as cold as his expression. “You can borrow as many as you want”, I said to Madeleine. Her eyes widened with both fear and longing.
“I'm sure a beautiful woman like you will soon find a husband,” he said ignoring my offer to her. His pathetic flattering making me nauseated. 
Madeleine lowered her shoulders, but remained silent. She seemed to have given up on arguing with him.
“I think I prefer a Golden Retriever,” I said with a half laugh. William’s expression changed for an instant, something dark in his eyes, Madeleine looked at me frightened, a warning in her expression. Quickly he controlled himself again.
“Well, let's hope you fit in well in the neighborhood,” he said, retrieving his false smile.
“Later,” I said, taking a step toward the door. “Thanks for the pie Madeleine”.
“You are welcome,” she said in the same submissive voice.
Once they left, I entered my house. 1972 and there are still idiots who believe that women are just cleaning machines and child breeders, I breathed deeply suffocating my anger.
I put on my pajamas and went to bed a few hours later, but could not fall asleep. I got up to get something to drink not bothering to turn on the lights. The humming of my new refrigerator welcomed me as I took a glass and filled it with almost freezing water. Leaning on the counter I drank big gulps.
Someone grabbed my neck roughly and put a cloth over my face, the glass shattered on the floor near my feet. I felt the horrible smell that burned my nose, my stomach twisted. I half shouted and struggled without much strength, I faded away in a few seconds.

To be continued...

Part 2 HERE


  1. We now have the start of the American dream turned into Jane's nightmare. I am ready for Part Two!

  2. This is a really good start to a great sounding story! Thank you for sharing.


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