Immortal Heritage Saga

BROKEN: Immortal Heritage Prequel

A terrible loss. 
A past they wish to forget. 
Two broken souls. 
Two destinies that will become one.

Nick lives a normal life, at least as normal as a supernatural creature can have. Until tragedy strikes one more time. The future he had planned for himself shattering before his eyes. 

Dahlia struggles to differentiate nightmares from reality. Not that being awake makes her life any better. The loss of her mother has left her alone to face her new powers and uncontrollable hunger. 
How do their destinies become one? For they will meet under the Starlight.

The prequel of Starlight: Immortal Heritage 1

STARLIGHT: Immortal Heritage 1

A deadly secret
Two broken hearts
One destiny

For Nick, moving to a new city is one more burden to endure on his already complicated life. His parents believe the change will help him overcome the death of the one that he loved. But a new school can’t stop his nightmares or change the fate that was imposed on him before his birth. His transformation is closer than ever.
Dahlia lives a lonely, secluded life by choice. Fearful of hurting those she cares about with her powers, which she hates and battles to master. Her self-control falters when the hunger she cannot avoid appears to take away her sanity. 
Under the Starlight, they will find each other. But when their worlds collide, will their connection save them? Or destroy them?

The first installment of the Immortal Heritage Saga.

HAUNTED: Immortal Heritage 2

Will their past set their future in flames? 

Lily and her mother, Abigail, live a normal life. As normal as two runaway supernaturals can have. Hiding in plain sight from vampires, human hunters, and Lycanthropes. Both a living weapon caught in the middle of an age-old war that they don't believe in.
Matthew has no idea how to live a normal life. Moving to a small town and going to school was something he had never thought possible. Struggling to recover from years of being poisoned by a man that broke his humanity. His past is tainted with blood and pain; his, others.
Destiny will bring them together, friendship turning into something stronger. But too soon, the secrets they've fought to hide are laid bare, shattering their mutual trust.
Can he accept who she truly is?
Can she forgive his past sins?
Will they fight together against the monsters that seek to break them?

The second installment of the Immortal Heritage Saga.

MOONLIGHT: Immortal Heritage 3


A looming transformation
Two runaway supernaturals
A secret stained with blood

Nick and Dahlia ran away from the only life they knew. His lycan family will stop at nothing to destroy Dahlia, a descendant from their most hated enemies, pureblood vampires. Nick's allegiance is clearer than ever before, he will lay his life down to protect his half-vampire lover. But can he protect her from himself?
Dahlia is terrified. Nick's change has begun and she has no idea how to help him control his feral side. To make matters worse, her ever-growing powers are threatening with spinning out of control. Her true nature remains shrouded in mystery and hidden behind layers of biased legends.
Afraid and desperate to find answers, they only have each other to rely on. But, will their love be enough to conquer their killing instincts?

The third installment of the Immortal Heritage Saga.

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