Monday, April 27, 2020

CHAINED: Writing-prompt based scene.

This one I wrote a while ago. Ashleon is one of those characters I've had in the back of my mind for ages, but I still need to see more of her story to make her book awesome! I hope you enjoy this bit. 


Ashleon clenched her teeth to avoid crying out and pulled against the golden vines with all her might as she was dragged back to the ground. Her face collided against damp grass but she barely felt it, the burning pain of the unbreakable vines overpowered the sting of being dragged across mud and rock. She was hauled into a kneeled position, her arms and waist trapped, the warrior angels pulled the vines with all their might to hold her in place.

Ashleon laughed, the sound weak to her own ears. It took 6 of them to take her down, even after being almost depleted from her fight against the demons. Their leader stood in front of her, his golden hair as bright as the sun, silver-white sword in hand. 

He banished his helmet and zeroed his golden eyes on her. 

“Was it really worth it?” he asked, voice devoid of emotion. “Going against the Maker to live as one of them?”

There was no real curiosity behind his question, his face as stoic as always.

Ashleon grinned. “1000 years of pain are worth one minute of freedom.”

“So foolish,” he countered, lifting his sword. A crack of thunder echoed in the distance.

“I am the fool?” she snorted, clenching her teeth to fight against the searing pain of the light vines tightening around her torso. “You are the one happy to be a monster’s pet.”

“Silence! I will not allow your poisonous tongue to blaspheme against Him,” Righteous ire burned in his eyes. 

She sighed. “Let us get this over with, Mikhael. There will be no regret from me, not ever.”

Mikhael lifted his sword, it glinted with white fire.

This will hurt, she thought gingerly. It wouldn’t kill her, no, it would be worse than that. Her physical vessel would be destroyed along with her memories. Her ethereal, immortal power would give origin to a new vessel, a mindless warrior.  Nothing more than a leashed mascot. Unfeeling and uncaring of the plight of millions of innocents; the truth twisted until she despised her soulmate one more time.

“As you wish,” he said.

A stronger roar of thunder shook the ground as blazing silver light blinded the angels.

“Let her go,” said a booming voice. The vines loosened around Ashleon as all eyes fell on the being that materialized in the middle of the clearing. The one that had once commanded them all, the one that they’d betrayed.

The only one they feared as much as the maker.

The Morningstar.

A smile crept on her cheeks. 

©Selene Kallan, 2020.

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