Sunday, November 19, 2017

Eliesmore and The Green Stone by Angela J. Ford

35565049Eliesmore and The Green Stone by Angela J. Ford
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

And I'm back in Angela J. Ford's world. This is the third book I've read from her and the lore just keeps getting better. This time Eliesmore is the protagonist, the chosen one a prophecy talks about, the one to put an end to the war that's ravaging the world.
He is not alone, his Company is a talented and brave one. Brave warriors that help the young and inexperienced Eliesmore find his way. My favorite without a doubt would be Visra, a fierce and unpredictable warrior with a crazy sense of humor, and a heart full of revenge.
There were new creatures to know, mysteries to uncover and quite a handful of epic battles. The characters are complex and bring their own element to the story. Recommended for those who like adventure and heroes in the making.

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Wednesday, November 15, 2017


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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Keys of the Origin: Book 1: The scions of balance by Melissa A. Joy


Keys of the Origin by Melissa A. Joy
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

In a world where ancient races still dwell, 
the events of an age-old prophecy begin to stir. 
From the pages of an antique tome, 
there is much the ancients themselves have yet to learn.

The time has come for the Keys of the Origin to play their part in restoring balance to Aeldynn; but how will their choices affect the outcome?

Two young men; one a righteous law-abiding servant to the people, the other a distinguished outlaw, don't yet realise they are to play a part in a foretold bid for the future of Aeldynn. Fate leads them down a road they would never have dreamed of following; a road that leads them into a struggle to bring the world back into a state of balance from the precipice of madness and desolation.

It is not only Zehn and Larkh who are fated to take on the malevolent forces of Aeldynn; there are others who must join with them as they are coaxed into the embrace of the ancient Nays and the fabled Drahknyr, who are also entangled in the masterful puppeteering of a renegade sorceress hell bent on reviving the greatest threat of all; Alymarn.

It's a shame I can't give it 10 stars! I'm obsessed. I'm looking forward to a re-read less than a day after finishing Keys of the Origin. I don't even know where to start.

The book begins with the awakening of the Kaesan’Drahknyr, the seven mighty warriors that protect Aeldynn. After a slumber of 3000 years, they are called to protect the balance between Aevnatureis and its evil counterpart Phandaerys. Not to mention the many races that dwell in Aeldynn, for evil rises one more time. And an ancient prophecy is becoming a reality.
Melkhar, the fiercest of the Kaesan’Drahknyr has been tasked with the protection of Arcaydia, a young woman with growing powers. On her way Melkhar discovers the human kingdoms are in the brink of war. Forced to part ways with her protector Arcaydia meets Larkh , he is a pirate, but not a typical one. He is smart beyond his years and has more than a couple mysterious trades. Larkh is being chased by Zehn, a law enforcer that travels accompanied by a mage, Raeon. Raeon belongs to a the Order of Silver, an order that follows the knowledge of the Nays, the ageless race that brought to physical existence the Drahknyr, and the Kaesan' Drahknyr. Kalthis is also a Kaesan’ Drahknyr, he's in tune with nature in a unique way, which allows him to obtain knowledge no-one else can reach. All will be connected in the battle against Zerrçainne, a powerful sorceress that used to be a GalĂ©triahn Highlord, a Nays High Mage. She plots to rise to power through manipulation and dark sources of magica.

And that’s as far as I’ll go with details. Spoilers are a pain.
The plot is well-paced, allowing the reader to become familiarized with the lore and the characters right in the midst of great discoveries and epic battles. There are edge of the seat moments; it made wish I could read faster.

The characters have an ample specter, not only in personality and trades, but also in kin. Humans, Nays, Elves, Drahknyr, hybrids... The reading is easy, despite being my first time reading about such rich world it didn't became heavy in any moment. The way the story is told and the vivid descriptions made me feel at times like I was there watching everything happen; sometimes even like a video-game.

I love the way the eternal battle between the light and the darkness has been approached. It is a different way to tell such a story.
My favorite character without a doubt would be Melkhar; I knew it would be after reading just one line of her point of view. She is fierce, powerful, highly intelligent, and merciless when she has to be. There is much to learn from her; often times, her actions reveal more than her words. She's refreshing. Not just for a female character but overall.

Overall, the best book I've read so far without a doubt. An epic story with mighty heroes, powerful villains, and beautiful lore. I can't wait to read more from Melissa Joy. Hell, I'd read her grocery list.
An epic story with mighty heroes, powerful villains, and beautiful lore.

If you want to buy Keys of the Origin, click HERE.
If you want to know more, click HERE.

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Thursday, October 19, 2017

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Thursday, October 12, 2017

The Black Witch by Laurie Forest

A new Black Witch will rise…her powers vast beyond imagining.

Elloren Gardner is the granddaughter of the last prophesied Black Witch, Carnissa Gardner, who drove back the enemy forces and saved the Gardnerian people during the Realm War. But while she is the absolute spitting image of her famous grandmother, Elloren is utterly devoid of power in a society that prizes magical ability above all else.

When she is granted the opportunity to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming an apothecary, Elloren joins her brothers at the prestigious Verpax University to embrace a destiny of her own, free from the shadow of her grandmother’s legacy. But she soon realizes that the university, which admits all manner of people—including the fire-wielding, winged Icarals, the sworn enemies of all Gardnerians—is a treacherous place for the granddaughter of the Black Witch.

As evil looms on the horizon and the pressure to live up to her heritage builds, everything Elloren thought she knew will be challenged and torn away. Her best hope of survival may be among the most unlikely band of misfits…if only she can find the courage to trust those she’s been taught to hate and fear.

The Black Witch is going straight to my I-will-never-get-tired-or-reading shelve. Is the kind of book that makes you feel every emotion, anxiously go through the pages, wishing it never ends, and think about it when you go to sleep. I could write a detailed and full of spoilers review, but I don't want you to miss the opportunity to experience it all by yourself. 

The worldbuilding is magnificent, perfectly described along the chapters without dragging the story down. The descriptions of the places and the people are so vivid you can see everything, which is perfect because you don't wanna miss one bit of this magical new world.

Elloren is a 17 year old Gardnerian, the ruling “superior” race of mages. Descendant of a long line of powerful mages, including the  most powerful of them all: The Black Witch, her grandmother. She lives with her uncle Edwyn and 2 brothers, Rafe and Trystan, in a small village. Her life is quiet and calm until her aunt Vyvian, a powerful mage, shows up deciding is time for Elloren to get Wandfasted (married). But Elloren has other plans, (thanks Ancient One). She wants to make a life for herself before becoming tied to someone, something her uncle supports, so she decides to go to college first. Her aunt Vyvian has her own plans for Elloren, and she’s willing to enforce those plans weather Elloren agrees or not. Vyvian's habit of getting her way uncovers her true self.

The characters have a wide spectrum. From the ones you know are gonna be a headache for Elloren. To those that are very difficult to figure out until the moment is right. It's one of the first times I've found myself loving so many characters at once, but is just impossible to pick a favorite, there's a fierce wolf girl, beautiful and powerful Elves, interesting "demons", and of course Elloren.

I loved Elloren, she's intelligent and brave. Despite having so many prejudices being fed up to her she's able to make her own opinion. She rises up to bullies and has a conscience. Her journey to uncovering the truth is a long and painful one, both for her and those around her, but is well worth it.

The character development is exquisite. Not only Elloren's but everyone else's. Just as she had to fight her prejudice, so do those around her. They have to learn to trust her, a difficult task given her resemblance to the Black Witch. But, soon they have to learn to see beyond as she did, that actions speak of someone's true self more than anything else. We see Elloren gain nerve, protecting her friends and doing what’s right becomes her first priority. 

Danger abounds, moments were you just can’t take your eyes of the pages. Once enemies, become friends and allies, the horrid acts of the governing class more obvious, the charade of perfection falls. And the end, the end is perfect, leaving you anxious to know what’s next and with new questions burning. 

What I liked the most about The Black Witch is how relatable it is to our world. The segregation of the higher social classes, the religious prudeness, the prejudice that stops people of different cultures to know each other better. Laurie does a great job presenting all the points of view of the conflict. 

Overall, an emotional and philosophical rollercoaster, full of magic, action, and powerful messages. A must read for those who know how to keep an open mind and are hungry for something refreshing.

My favorite lines:
"People see what they expect to see. Through a filter of their own hatred and prejudice."
"My apologies. I forgot that your religion is the only one correct."

You can buy The Black Witch HERE.

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Saturday, October 7, 2017

The Blended Ones by Angela J Ford

Phyllis and her 17 year old twin sister, Ilieus are blended ones. But Ilieus suffers from vision of darkness she is unable to discern. Forsaken by their parents the two cross the country in search of the Order of the Wise for help.

Cuthan the Charmer is mischievous enough to change anyone's  mind with a smile and a wink. Born into a family of treasure hunters, he's  searching for the key to unlocking his dormant powers.

Pharengon the Horse Lord was born to be King. Young and inexperienced he seeks a weapon to turn the tide of the war in his favor. But when his very own army betrays him, he will have to turn to the Lost Ones for assistance.

Caught in the fate of the Eastern World the youths destinies become twisted together in a frightful quest that will change the course of time. In the midst of their whirlwind adventure, they discover love, loss and uncover the truth about who and what is behind the chaotic, spiraling events in the Eastern World.

Where to begin? I think by saying Angela J ford has entered my favorite authors list. Her previous book, The Five Warriors, took me to a new world I want to visit, The Blended Ones has reminded  me why.  
The plot centers on the slow and consistent decay of the Eastern World; the people groups are turning to hunt those who are Blended, which means those who belong to two people groups. It is believed the Blended Ones are the cause for the destruction of the land. 
Ilieus and Phyllis are blended, they found themselves alone and with many questions to be responded, therefore they embark in an adventure. A journey filled with peril that will raise even more questions, and uncover difficult truths. 
They are well accompanied by Cuthan and Artenvox, two mischievous and fun charmers. They are a delight to read, intelligent, resourceful, and unpredictable. I was constantly wondering what side were they on.
We also have brave Lord, Pharengon. Unselfish and willing to fight for his people, he carries a great responsibility, his wisdom and calmed demeanor were what I love the most about him.  
Overall, The Blended ones is an action packed adventure. With turns and revelations that are hard to predict, fun scenes, and capable of giving a healthy book hangover.

If you want to have a closer look to this amazing book, click HERE.
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Eliesmore and The Green Stone by Angela J. Ford

Eliesmore and The Green Stone by Angela J. Ford My rating: 4 of 5 stars And I'm back in Angela J. Ford 's world. This is the thi...